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The Purpose of this blog is to keep me honest and provide a personal bible study to help prepare me for the Mississippi River trip. For the trip to be success full I need to be spending time with the Lord and in his word. I will be posting what I have learned through out the week. If you do read it, I hope it's useful for you. I will not be worrying too much about Spelling and grammar because this shows my true person. Their is no pretense hear, this is part of my struggle and that is why I am doing the trip in the first place.

God Bless, Brian

Friday, July 20, 2012

Boulder Co.

This mount has been marked by the changing of plans. On Friday July 13 I found myself on the way to Bonva Vista with the intent of climbing M.T. Harvard, rather then in Creed to see a play a the respiratory theater. From there I headed to Boulder and directly from Boulder I am heading to Durango. This is all well and good to be flexible, but all the change of plans this mount makes me wonder what my motives might be.  Is this a result  of God  planting my foot steeps up on the path that is very different than my mind planed. This  makes me wonder if all my crazy adventures are in vane or if my need to take every thing on is stopping me from moving forward. I could see the latter being true. The Lord has given me the passion for adventure and that gives me joy, so there for I do not seeing adventuring being the problem. Rather the seeds of this joy are sped too thin and yielding a usable crop to be gather.

Incredible Love Well this brings me back to Boulder, The purpose of this venture was to visit friends, help move a friend, and explore boulder for jobs and cycle mobility. Wile Boulder has a wide economic base and wile he the bike trails  are extensive, I new this is not were I am being call. This is a good thing to find this out. I have never been so existed to to get back to the slower pace of the cool mountain air. I do know that I am being called to make big decisions and move to a bigger city progress forward. When I say making big  decisions I mean limit my options and quell my desire to do everything. This will allow me to be more settled and plant for the Lords harvest. The options might look like ministry work, sound engineering, or therapeutic gardening. I have been able to come to these conclusions as a result of the best part of Boulder and that was a church called the Well. The church was stated by the youth past from my home church, there mission is to build a comity of loving believers to reach the city of Boulder. I enjoyed the eclectic music and the sermon lead me to more faith and how to make decisions. It showed me my desire for supremacy in therms of correctness and this result in the fear of not being able to due all the things that I want to due in my time. For some reason I think this desire will bring be contentment, but in reality this will fail and I will let myself, others, and the Lord in the void I am trying to fill. Fear inhibits love and in the end love is more eternal  correctness because it brings people to repentance and to the fold of Christ, with lead to life. Hear is the link to this knowledge.
Incredible Love

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strengthing of Faith

The aim of this post is the strengthing our faith. This week has been one of putting out fires, both figuratively and physically. As I am sure you know the writhing of the book is my first priority, and some head way has been made, but road blocks.  There has been a relationship conflict as well as a wild fire in my home city of Colorado Springs. I have been seeking peace through prayer and the discovery of truth both in song and word.  May Spiritual gifts be given as an expression of faith to strengthen others' faith. Today I am seeing some relief in both these areas of my life. Prayer is all ways appreciated. The Lord has surrounded me with wise council and the giving away of my pride moment by moment grants me ever lasting peace. May this help you as well.

It's My Pleasure
Spiritual Gifts

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crossing America

On the horizon, I for see a taking on an other long distance bike trip. I am think of going from Seattle Washington  east over 3000 miles to Quebec City Candida. This would effectively make the upright of a cross and the trip I completed the summer 20011 from north to south the arms. Every facet of the Christian faith points to the work done on the cross and I want like to due the same with my sort existence. After completing the first trip, I realized how imparitive a goal or purpose is in the success and joy found in compleation and the stringent required in pushing threw the hard and long days. So the purpose of the trip is to partern with a ministry and raise money for missionary's. I have been gided to that I will work and save to found the trip and all the money raised will help found  missionary's. I am exsited where the Lord might take on how is a joyful giver. This sermon has been helpful in this area I hope you may as well.
Christmas Joy Vs. the Kirchensteuer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This Weeks Quest

Willie I was looking at different seminary options, I stumbled along this apologetics video.
TheMessianicDrew Apologetics
On Monday nights I have been attending apologetic class. This class help me see and know the biblical  base to what I believe. Threw this revelational knowledge has increased my faith, and faith comes by hearing and therefor emboldens to speak truth to others. On a day to day basis I see conversion and ministry being more reverent by being submissive to Lord and what he has place on your hart to learn  know that day. It should be an out-flowing of the holy spirit that soften our harts and confess your hope and subsequently the harts of  other.
Make A Case For Your Hope
God Created Us for His Glory

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It is Spring I am back in action

It is now spring and I have not been able to get much work done on the book. This is in part due to work, but mainly lake of of priority. I have resolved to put this first this summer. I would like to share why I have come to conclusion. First and for most Christ is the point, the start, the end and the purpose. This realty has been made more clear by the ministry of John Piper and Desiring God. This winter I started going threw his old sermons from 1980 to present. I am going to bee more faithful to the weekly Herald by putting audio sermons that have really spoken to me and heedfully reach your hart. 

This weeks sermon gives resign for faith in believing in God and makes chase for evangelising.
Make a Case for Your Hope

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Road Home

Mark, My ride to the airport out of New Orleans

New Orleans, the land free spirits

Jane, on the plane home

Denver international Airport

The completion of my 2,000 mile trek (along highway 90) 38 miles along the Mississippi Golf cost A friendly couple to share in the joy

Mississippi Gulf cost at sunset a top the parking garage

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Day After, Finishing the Trek was Just a Great as Day Before

Family brunch, Thomas Braket

loacal flavor, shing the wheels by the river.

A framed copy of the "Mississippi South Bound" poem that I wrote when I was in 6th grade. A local New Orleaner read it and he was able to identify with it and before I left I accidentally broke the glass. The trip came to fruition and know I am ready for the next one.

New Orleans's family with great hart

A History and English tutor in New Orleans